Our remaining stock of AUSTIN PRODUCTS, and CLEARANCE items are now on sale at WHOLESALE OR LESS; A GREAT opportunity for Designers and Home-Stagers to obtain UNIQUE, quality products at Wholesale prices!  Personal shoppers welcomed also.
Price will be adjusted at sale point; many items are one offs, and will not be repeated.  Check out  www.jogarrard.com  or contact@jogarrard.com for more information,and ask about our Free shipping policy.

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A Special day in home decor for a Special Person

Very soon it will be “Fathers” day! Where oh where are you to find something suitable for the man in your life? www.jogarrard.com; has many wonderful items on this site to please your man. Check out the “Just for Men” category on our website and get set for some great ideas! For Dad; Bentwood furniture, Scale model Pond yachts, Ancient maps, compasses from WW2; campaign chairs; early flight, scale model airplanes; games & game tables; scale model famous cars; wall hung propellers; unique lighting; clocks; telescopes; world globes ancient and contemporary, and much more. 007AM FLIGHT ACCESSORIES PROP.AM CAMPAIGN FURNITURE STOOLS



A gift from jogarrard.com will last a lifetime, & in some cases will become collectible treasures to pass on to your children. Framed prints & original artwork; reproduction floral models, used in the past to teach botany to students; collectibles by Austin Productions, Pond yachts, the grand children will love those, ancient map copies, to relive great explorations of the past, or a world globe for his office or den, both ancient and contemporary. Give us a call at 1-888-765-8027 and let us help with your gift selection for good old Dad!



Sopwith Camel Biplane, large detailed reproduction.

Sopwith Camel Biplane, large detailed reproduction.

Old Ironsides mounted on a magnificent sailors chest, of intricate tongue & groove construction

Old Ironsides mounted on a magnificent sailors chest, of intricate tongue & groove construction

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Restored Pre-War buildings In Down Town Sydney

modern-eclectic-hotel-bedroom celing modern-eclectic-hotel-the bar restaurantRead recently; an article about the restoration of two historic buildings in Sydney Australia. The State Theatre, and the Gowings department store, in the down town Sydney core. The opening of a new design hotel marked the culmination of the renovation of these two buildings, joining them as one entity. The transformation of these iconic pre-war buildings is remarkable! The State Theatre building was originally opened to the public in 1929. The Art Deco and Venetian influenced State Theatre and the Gothic; Palazzo style of the Gowings buildings have been restored to their pre-war architecture, even to retention of the Gargoyles!
The 200 suite hotel has retained it’s historic influences; eclectic accessories, combined with modern design; while retaining the unique historic architectural features; such as ceiling mouldings; while offering high speed internet, luxurious bedding, & over-sized soaker tubs. Each hotel room having its own unique features. Feature; the hand held room numbers on each door, a typically Art Deco hand holding the room number.Very quirky! Love it! I really must commend the designers for their transformation of these two iconic buildings in the down town core of Sydney Australia. Originally featured by Freshome,

I simply had to share this article, and add some of my own comments about the design and eclectic nature of the architecture; well done ….enjoy….

Art Deco hand held room number

Art Deco hand held room number

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luxury products; what are they & why are the wealthy not shopping?


How do you describe a luxury item? Is it Top Quality for top dollar? Is Quality the prime catalyst, is it the Uniqueness, or is it Value for money I would think that it is all of these things.
The Oxford dictionary describes Luxury as; Indulgence in expensive items; food, drink,clothing, furniture, cars, boats, housing; etc., Enjoyment of the very best most costly things, whether they are needed or not.

When you break it down, when you pay for the best, you expect the best…. in quality products; quality in construction, uniqueness in design, and most of all `Value for Money!` My point being that luxury comes with a cost. However you still must receive value no matter how wealthy you might be. No-one likes to feel that they have been cheated. So if you get what you pay for, you should be getting “value for your money”
You might employ an architect to design your house, (uniqueness) You may employ the best builders money can buy, (quality ensured); hire the top interior designer (design consultant) buy the most expensive car on the lot (custom warranties) custom Furnishings (quality detail & design) and at the end of it all if you don’t have that feeling of Value for all that you have spent on your home, or self; You will not be satisfied.

The answer is to not cut corners, not buy inferior accessories, or hire the person designing your home, who is not one of the best. You only “get what you pay for” in the long run. If you lean toward trendiness, you will be doing it all over again in a very short time. If you can afford to keep up with the trends, you are on a treadmill which never ends. Quality always wins out! So to really get “value for money”, you need to know that what you are buying is top quality, that the builder is the best, that your dealership will look after your expensive car; that your custom furniture maker really knows his stuff, and will stand by his product; & that the designers you hire are really exceptional, That’s “value for money”. Difficult choices to make in today`s economy.

Buying a lamp seems like a very simple thing to do….deciding on the decor for a whole home (large or small) becomes a quite different challenge. Not many people can visualize a fully furnished home; that is what you employ your designer to help you with. Accessories can be a challenge too, do you want something unique, a one of a kind? Or, are you quite happy with a mass produced manufactured accessory at a third of the cost. It depends upon your taste as well as your budget. They both give “value for money” in differing ways, depending upon what your budget really is. Luxury being what it is, or what it can be, is custom quality for a custom price, will last a life time & may even become an heirloom; the mass produced item is lesser quality for your money and will have to be replaced frequently, the value therefore is temporary. Would you rather have a blown glass vase made by an anonymous glass blower somewhere in an Asian country, for example; or would you rather have a Lalique vase, signed by the artist with quality assured?. Just remember that Luxury has a price, and the price is quality assured. Will you settle for anything less? It’s your choice! So why are the Wealthy not shopping, they have always got value for money, because they do get what they pay for.

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The Gnome Man of Littlebeck, Ecclesiastic furniture maker

Gnome carving & PlateTom Whittaker wood carver and ecclesiastical furnituremaker, was known as the Gnome man of Littlebeck. Tom Whittaker lived and worked in Littlebeck, about 5 miles from Whitby. He used only English Oak and his signature trademark was to carve a little woodland Gnome into each and every piece of furniture he made.Legend has it that a Gnome is born every time an acorn sprouts; then that Gnome will guard that tree throughout its life. IMG_7594_0130 gnome carver- plate





Craftsmen have always inscribed their work with either a signature or another mark or symbol….and still do so to this day…..

People are always fascinated by the work of master woodcarver Robert Thompson, another well known English furniture maker who was known as `Mousey`Thompson; he would carve a small field mouse into his furniture as his signature trademark which was recently spotted & mentioned on Antiques Road show in Beverley Minster. It could be because his trademark was an exquisitely carved little mouse that still can be found in

mouse carving by Mousey Thompson

mouse carving by Mousey Thompson

the huge York Minster Cathedral.

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Contemporary or traditional; Collaboration, or singular, the work is Phenomenal! I discovered this work at the Scottsdale Celebration of the Arts, in February a year ago. she had an unusual way of using clay which was more sculptural & decorative, than just functional ware. Quite a departure from the usual run of the mill clay work. She inspires the work with additions of unique pieces of hard wood, metals, shells, bark, or a fossil may be the key inspiration of the work. The main body of the work is hand textured porcelain, oil pigments are hand applied & layered until a fine patina is achieved. It is of course a labour intensive process which allows her complete control of the work. she has collaborated with other artists also to create really original Clay sculptures. Her Architectural background is an obvious influence in her work.pORCELAIN WALL SCULPTURE





Clay sculpture shown with Mango wood  cylinders

Clay sculpture shown with Mango wood cylinders






The ceramic pot, above is a collaboration of the two artists. Grant shows the influence of her architectural background with these pieces. The Mango wood accessories are Fair trade accessory cylinders made in Thailand check out www.jogarrard.com for more information about these and other items. Another great find from our travels.A new article on the Carving arts of English Carvers, the curious nature and pure character of these men leave their mark in Yorkshire. More later….

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Basketry Contemporary & Traditional Southwest Indian Basketry Southwest Indian basketry Southwest Indian Pot basketSome people collect fine art by famous, or emerging artists; sculptures, paintings, blown glass, jewellery, and so on. However with the trend to earthy recyclables & sustainable living; Home Decor has also experienced a change; The Arts & Crafts revival! Hand made Pottery & Willow baskets, Hand woven rugs, Baskets made of Cactus Fibre & Devils Claw. These colourful & highly collectible pots and baskets, & woven rugs are highly prized. I do not claim to be an expert; however I really enjoy the warmth and texture of hand made artifacts; whether of the clay of the earth, the wild grasses in basketry, or the wool of the semi wild sheep of the Navajo. What has gone into the making of these things is Heart, Wisdom, & Tradition; not an inanimate piece of machinery churning out cheap trinkets for the tourist trade & underpaid workers making cheap copies of traditional baskets, or woven rugs made by the hundreds in imitation of the Navajo traditional hand woven rugs and blankets. The Navajo women were and are the principal producers of Southwest Indian woven rugs, and each has a distinctive style of her own. Wealthy tourists of the 1880s, wanted souvenirs of the exotic places they visited; hand woven rugs or pottery could be easily incorporated into an eclectic decor of the period. And, rugs, basketry and pottery while decorative, were also useful. Navajo Rugs would be hung on walls as decoration; pottery would be displayed as quaint souvenirs; while baskets could be used in a garden for gathering flowers, or vegetables; or simply used as a visual decoration, and of course as a conversation piece. My own collection is poor by comparison, and I collect what I love rather than by the name of the artist, whether pottery or basketry, glass or wood carvings. here are a few pictures of the traditional as well as the contemporary in the Arts &Contemporary collection, willow baskets Crafts.Carrying basket Montana





Contemporary Basket with willow branch



I discovered this Basket weaver from Montana at the Scottsdale Fine arts show. She collects all of her willow, and processes it with her partner, they dye, and gather all of the necessary willow, and accessories such as Antlers & twigs & beads, for the next collection of `Woven Sculptures` They have won several awards notably Best of Fibre, & best of Sculpture, for their work. I find they are quite intriguing don`t you…I thought that their transition from Traditional to Contemporary very well done, and I must say they do look more like sculptures than baskets! More later…..about an interesting Potter with a degree in Architecture, and a glass maker with a degree in…glass Art….


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This gallery contains 2 photos.

I thought it about time I wrote an article on the collectible and aesthetic trends of Art in home decor. I have personally collected Navajo, and Hopi artwork. The recent trends in Home decor of using Arts & crafts to enhance the home or professional building has spurred the creation of collectible baskets and pottery. Made by the women of the tribe, they were purely utilitarian Continue reading

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What’s Old is New Again, home decor accessories,

Oh! The times that I have seen fashion that I have worn in my youth, or that my Mother wore in the 1940′s being touted as “new”!!! The same applies to home accents & accessories. Repainted kitchen cupboards; Reclaimed wood accents ; Bamboo flooring; Barn board floors; Grass Cloth, Wall paper, and so on. These things have all been done before, but to the Generation ‘Y’ shoppers, it seems so new and exciting with a ‘modern twist”, that “old is new again” works for the younger generation of shoppers. They are bamboozled into thinking that they have something really unique and different; so it couldn’t really be something that Mom or Grandma wore (mini skirts); or, that it was the home decor fashion of her era (plastic bucket chairs); could it? So, if change is good, is Brass really on the come back trail? How about those Fibre glass chairs, Vinyl covered couches and so on; what about Grass cloth? Another hot trend? I recently watched a home decorating show busily removing Grass Cloth which had been glued to the walls of a renovation project. Is Grass Cloth really a HOT trend? Or does the world of suppliers to the home decor industry, have a load of Grass Cloth to unload on a new generation of home owners? More recently I perused a magazine filled with home decor accessories using recycled wood, & wood “naturals.” If I wanted sticks and branches for home decor accessories, I would camp out in the woods! They don’t belong in a traditional home; a Cabin in the Woods, or Beach Cabin is more appropriate; or perhaps we are reverting back to wooden ladders & beams, as in Cliff Dwellings? I am really cynical about who or what dictates fashion accessories; “Trends” don’t last, they are quickly outdated; quality outlasts them all. The home owner should accessorize with what personally appeals to them, adds to the comfort of their surroundings, and is practical as well as decorative. I think “trends” should only be followed if the home owner has the financial means to keep changing with the furnishing & colour “Trends” every other year or so….purchase one good piece of furniture or accessory, and build around it; quality always outlasts trends… that’s my opinion, and I welcome your comments.

Trunk table,

Here’s a Travel Trunk re-purposed for use as a coffee table. Can be found as top Quality reproductions, just as well made as the original.

Below is another type of Cabin Travel Trunk, legs have been added to extend its life, as a coffee table. These are from the 1920′s era. Reproductions of the originals, made with the same attention to detail and quality. No need to abandon quality for “trends” these trunks will serve you for many years, and could also be a collectible furniture accessory to pass on to children, or grand children. The Wall paper sample on the left is an example of hand made papers from the 1920′s in the Art Deco period, emulating a metal grille of the period.


Stateroom Trunk Table

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Hello again! I want to tell you a little story about a customer who was so pleased with the service he received from our store, that he waited nearly 3 months to receive an item which had been back ordered! Our customer ordered an elaborate candle sconce for his home, which arrived within ten days. However the other part of his order which was a lamp, was back ordered. I explained to him that I had checked the suppliers inventory list, and it was available at the time that had I ordered it. His options were to wait for the back order, to cancel, or to choose something else. I provided him with some options which were close to his original choice. No, he said he would wait for the lamp to be shipped, hopefully before Christmas. In the meantime, he had decided to customize the sconce he had already received. My emails became a conduit for his home decor ideas, he regularly sent me photos of how the sconce was progressing, how it looked in his dining room setting; the accent colours in his living room, and so on. Finally after 3 months the lamp arrived, and he was thrilled with it! He sent pictures of his living room, with the lamp in it, and his ideas also for ongoing projects for his home. My interaction with him (by email) was so great, it was almost as though he was there with me in a physical store. He trusted me enough to show off the finished decor with all accessories in place. I was really touched. What this amounts to is this; it doesn’t take much effort to give really good customer service, to give the customer that comfortable feeling that someone really cares about them. How hard is it really? “Communication” that’s the key! This customer who lives on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, probably doesn’t have the time to go shopping store to store, or doesn’t want to; knows now that someone out there online cares about him and his decor choices; and, he will probably be back when he needs other home accessories in the future. He may also recommend our site to friends and family members. It was very unfortunate that he was back ordered, but by keeping lines of communication open with him, and explaining the situation, we didn’t lose that customer, and we kept him happy. There was a gift from me enclosed with his lamp as a small gesture of appreciation, these small things help to keep your customers loyal…customer service is appreciated you bet it is!


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