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After many years in the retail business, I decided to close my physical store; having researched and discovered that the future was in online shopping. I have been in the retail business since the 1980's, in various fields of retail, Art supplies, Framing, Gallery, and Home decor. I am presently engaged in home staging, building of model homes with my husband, and partner. managing the website, and traveling to find new products for our Web store. I visit trade shows regularly to confirm the quality of the products I promote, and customer service is my highest priority, building the same trust level online as with my customers on a personal level at my physical store. Our Web store has been online now for about 6 years, and continues to grow.


A GREAT opportunity for Designers and Home-Stagers to obtain UNIQUE, quality products at Wholesale prices!
Price will be adjusted at sale point; many items are one offs, and will not be repeated.

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A Special day in home decor for a Special Person

an accessory from will last a lifetime; & in some cases will become collectible treasures to pass on to your children. framed prints & original artwork, floral models used in the past for teaching botany, Art models – horse & hand; Austin collectible figurines, Continue reading

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Restored Pre-War buildings In Down Town Sydney

Each hotel room having its own unique features. Feature; the hand held room numbers on each door, a typically Art Deco hand holding the room number. Very quirky! Love it! I really must commend the designers for their transformation of these two iconic buildings in the down town core of Sydney Australia. Continue reading

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luxury products; what are they & why are the wealthy not shopping?

Would you rather have a blown glass vase made by an anonymous glass blower somewhere in an Asian country, for example; or would you rather have a Lalique vase, signed by the artist with quality assured?. Just remember that Luxury has a price, and the price is quality assured. Will you settle for anything less? It’s your choice! So why are the Wealthy not shopping, they have always got value for money, because they do get what they pay for. Continue reading

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The Gnome Man of Littlebeck, Ecclesiastic furniture maker

Tom Whittaker wood carver and ecclesiastical furnituremaker, was known as the Gnome man of Littlebeck. Tom Whittaker lived and worked in Littlebeck, about 5 miles from Whitby. He used only English Oak and his signature trademark was to carve a … Continue reading

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Contemporary or traditional; Collaboration, or singular, the work is Phenomenal! I discovered this work at the Scottsdale Celebration of the Arts, in February a year ago. she had an unusual way of using clay which was more sculptural & decorative, … Continue reading

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Navajo Rugs would be hung on walls as decoration; pottery would be displayed as quaint souvenirs; while baskets could be used in a garden for gathering flowers, or vegetables; or simply used as a visual decoration, and of course as a conversation piece. Continue reading

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This gallery contains 2 photos.

I thought it about time I wrote an article on the collectible and aesthetic trends of Art in home decor. I have personally collected Navajo, and Hopi artwork. The recent trends in Home decor of using Arts & crafts to enhance the home or professional building has spurred the creation of collectible baskets and pottery. Made by the women of the tribe, they were purely utilitarian Continue reading

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What’s Old is New Again, home decor accessories,

So, if change is good, Is Brass really on the come back trail? How about those Fibre glass chairs, Vinyl covered couches and so on; what about Grass cloth? Another hot trend? Continue reading

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to show off the finished decor with all accessories in place. I was really touched. What this amounts to is this; it doesn’t take much effort to give really good customer service, to give the customer that comfortable feeling that someone really cares about them. How hard is it really? “Communication” that’s the key! This customer who lives on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, probably doesn’t have the time to go shopping store to store, or doesn’t want to; knows now that someone out there online cares about him and his decor choices; and, he will probably be back when he needs other home accessories in the future. He may also recommend our site to friends and family members. It was very unfortunate that he was back ordered, but by keeping lines of communication open with him, and explaining the situation, we didn’t lose that customer, and we kept him happy. There was a gift from me enclosed with his lamp as a small gesture of appreciation, these small things help to keep your customers loyal…customer service is appreciated you bet it is!

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