Hello again! I want to tell you a little story about a customer who was so pleased with the service he received from our store, that he waited nearly 3 months to receive an item which had been back ordered! Our customer ordered an elaborate candle sconce for his home, which arrived within ten days. However the other part of his order which was a lamp, was back ordered. I explained to him that I had checked the suppliers inventory list, and it was available at the time that had I ordered it. His options were to wait for the back order, to cancel, or to choose something else. I provided him with some options which were close to his original choice. No, he said he would wait for the lamp to be shipped, hopefully before Christmas. In the meantime, he had decided to customize the sconce he had already received. My emails became a conduit for his home decor ideas, he regularly sent me photos of how the sconce was progressing, how it looked in his dining room setting; the accent colours in his living room, and so on. Finally after 3 months the lamp arrived, and he was thrilled with it! He sent pictures of his living room, with the lamp in it, and his ideas also for ongoing projects for his home. My interaction with him (by email) was so great, it was almost as though he was there with me in a physical store. He trusted me enough to show off the finished decor with all accessories in place. I was really touched. What this amounts to is this; it doesn’t take much effort to give really good customer service, to give the customer that comfortable feeling that someone really cares about them. How hard is it really? “Communication” that’s the key! This customer who lives on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, probably doesn’t have the time to go shopping store to store, or doesn’t want to; knows now that someone out there online cares about him and his decor choices; and, he will probably be back when he needs other home accessories in the future. He may also recommend our site to friends and family members. It was very unfortunate that he was back ordered, but by keeping lines of communication open with him, and explaining the situation, we didn’t lose that customer, and we kept him happy. There was a gift from me enclosed with his lamp as a small gesture of appreciation, these small things help to keep your customers loyal…customer service is appreciated you bet it is!


About Jo

After many years in the retail business, I decided to close my physical store; having researched and discovered that the future was in online shopping. I have been in the retail business since the 1980's, in various fields of retail, Art supplies, Framing, Gallery, and Home decor. I am presently engaged in home staging, building of model homes with my husband, and partner. managing the website, and traveling to find new products for our Web store. I visit trade shows regularly to confirm the quality of the products I promote, and customer service is my highest priority, building the same trust level online as with my customers on a personal level at my physical store. Our Web store has been online now for about 6 years, and continues to grow.
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