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Oh! The times that I have seen fashion that I have worn in my youth, or that my Mother wore in the 1940′s being touted as “new”!!! The same applies to home accents & accessories. Repainted kitchen cupboards; Reclaimed wood accents ; Bamboo flooring; Barn board floors; Grass Cloth, Wall paper, and so on. These things have all been done before, but to the Generation ‘Y’ shoppers, it seems so new and exciting with a ‘modern twist”, that “old is new again” works for the younger generation of shoppers. They are bamboozled into thinking that they have something really unique and different; so it couldn’t really be something that Mom or Grandma wore (mini skirts); or, that it was the home decor fashion of her era (plastic bucket chairs); could it? So, if change is good, is Brass really on the come back trail? How about those Fibre glass chairs, Vinyl covered couches and so on; what about Grass cloth? Another hot trend? I recently watched a home decorating show busily removing Grass Cloth which had been glued to the walls of a renovation project. Is Grass Cloth really a HOT trend? Or does the world of suppliers to the home decor industry, have a load of Grass Cloth to unload on a new generation of home owners? More recently I perused a magazine filled with home decor accessories using recycled wood, & wood “naturals.” If I wanted sticks and branches for home decor accessories, I would camp out in the woods! They don’t belong in a traditional home; a Cabin in the Woods, or Beach Cabin is more appropriate; or perhaps we are reverting back to wooden ladders & beams, as in Cliff Dwellings? I am really cynical about who or what dictates fashion accessories; “Trends” don’t last, they are quickly outdated; quality outlasts them all. The home owner should accessorize with what personally appeals to them, adds to the comfort of their surroundings, and is practical as well as decorative. I think “trends” should only be followed if the home owner has the financial means to keep changing with the furnishing & colour “Trends” every other year or so….purchase one good piece of furniture or accessory, and build around it; quality always outlasts trends… that’s my opinion, and I welcome your comments.

Trunk table,

Here’s a Travel Trunk re-purposed for use as a coffee table. Can be found as top Quality reproductions, just as well made as the original.

Below is another type of Cabin Travel Trunk, legs have been added to extend its life, as a coffee table. These are from the 1920′s era. Reproductions of the originals, made with the same attention to detail and quality. No need to abandon quality for “trends” these trunks will serve you for many years, and could also be a collectible furniture accessory to pass on to children, or grand children. The Wall paper sample on the left is an example of hand made papers from the 1920′s in the Art Deco period, emulating a metal grille of the period.


Stateroom Trunk Table

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