Basketry Contemporary & Traditional Southwest Indian Basketry Southwest Indian basketry Southwest Indian Pot basketSome people collect fine art by famous, or emerging artists; sculptures, paintings, blown glass, jewellery, and so on. However with the trend to earthy recyclables & sustainable living; Home Decor has also experienced a change; The Arts & Crafts revival! Hand made Pottery & Willow baskets, Hand woven rugs, Baskets made of Cactus Fibre & Devils Claw. These colourful & highly collectible pots and baskets, & woven rugs are highly prized. I do not claim to be an expert; however I really enjoy the warmth and texture of hand made artifacts; whether of the clay of the earth, the wild grasses in basketry, or the wool of the semi wild sheep of the Navajo. What has gone into the making of these things is Heart, Wisdom, & Tradition; not an inanimate piece of machinery churning out cheap trinkets for the tourist trade & underpaid workers making cheap copies of traditional baskets, or woven rugs made by the hundreds in imitation of the Navajo traditional hand woven rugs and blankets. The Navajo women were and are the principal producers of Southwest Indian woven rugs, and each has a distinctive style of her own. Wealthy tourists of the 1880s, wanted souvenirs of the exotic places they visited; hand woven rugs or pottery could be easily incorporated into an eclectic decor of the period. And, rugs, basketry and pottery while decorative, were also useful. Navajo Rugs would be hung on walls as decoration; pottery would be displayed as quaint souvenirs; while baskets could be used in a garden for gathering flowers, or vegetables; or simply used as a visual decoration, and of course as a conversation piece. My own collection is poor by comparison, and I collect what I love rather than by the name of the artist, whether pottery or basketry, glass or wood carvings. here are a few pictures of the traditional as well as the contemporary in the Arts &Contemporary collection, willow baskets Crafts.Carrying basket Montana





Contemporary Basket with willow branch



I discovered this Basket weaver from Montana at the Scottsdale Fine arts show. She collects all of her willow, and processes it with her partner, they dye, and gather all of the necessary willow, and accessories such as Antlers & twigs & beads, for the next collection of `Woven Sculptures` They have won several awards notably Best of Fibre, & best of Sculpture, for their work. I find they are quite intriguing don`t you…I thought that their transition from Traditional to Contemporary very well done, and I must say they do look more like sculptures than baskets! More later…..about an interesting Potter with a degree in Architecture, and a glass maker with a degree in…glass Art….


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