Contemporary or traditional; Collaboration, or singular, the work is Phenomenal! I discovered this work at the Scottsdale Celebration of the Arts, in February a year ago. she had an unusual way of using clay which was more sculptural & decorative, than just functional ware. Quite a departure from the usual run of the mill clay work. She inspires the work with additions of unique pieces of hard wood, metals, shells, bark, or a fossil may be the key inspiration of the work. The main body of the work is hand textured porcelain, oil pigments are hand applied & layered until a fine patina is achieved. It is of course a labour intensive process which allows her complete control of the work. she has collaborated with other artists also to create really original Clay sculptures. Her Architectural background is an obvious influence in her work.pORCELAIN WALL SCULPTURE





Clay sculpture shown with Mango wood  cylinders

Clay sculpture shown with Mango wood cylinders






The ceramic pot, above is a collaboration of the two artists. Grant shows the influence of her architectural background with these pieces. The Mango wood accessories are Fair trade accessory cylinders made in Thailand check out for more information about these and other items. Another great find from our travels.A new article on the Carving arts of English Carvers, the curious nature and pure character of these men leave their mark in Yorkshire. More later….

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