The Gnome Man of Littlebeck, Ecclesiastic furniture maker

Gnome carving & PlateTom Whittaker wood carver and ecclesiastical furnituremaker, was known as the Gnome man of Littlebeck. Tom Whittaker lived and worked in Littlebeck, about 5 miles from Whitby. He used only English Oak and his signature trademark was to carve a little woodland Gnome into each and every piece of furniture he made.Legend has it that a Gnome is born every time an acorn sprouts; then that Gnome will guard that tree throughout its life. IMG_7594_0130 gnome carver- plate





Craftsmen have always inscribed their work with either a signature or another mark or symbol….and still do so to this day…..

People are always fascinated by the work of master woodcarver Robert Thompson, another well known English furniture maker who was known as `Mousey`Thompson; he would carve a small field mouse into his furniture as his signature trademark which was recently spotted & mentioned on Antiques Road show in Beverley Minster. It could be because his trademark was an exquisitely carved little mouse that still can be found in

mouse carving by Mousey Thompson

mouse carving by Mousey Thompson

the huge York Minster Cathedral.

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