luxury products; what are they & why are the wealthy not shopping?


How do you describe a luxury item? Is it Top Quality for top dollar? Is Quality the prime catalyst, is it the Uniqueness, or is it Value for money I would think that it is all of these things.
The Oxford dictionary describes Luxury as; Indulgence in expensive items; food, drink,clothing, furniture, cars, boats, housing; etc., Enjoyment of the very best most costly things, whether they are needed or not.

When you break it down, when you pay for the best, you expect the best…. in quality products; quality in construction, uniqueness in design, and most of all `Value for Money!` My point being that luxury comes with a cost. However you still must receive value no matter how wealthy you might be. No-one likes to feel that they have been cheated. So if you get what you pay for, you should be getting “value for your money”
You might employ an architect to design your house, (uniqueness) You may employ the best builders money can buy, (quality ensured); hire the top interior designer (design consultant) buy the most expensive car on the lot (custom warranties) custom Furnishings (quality detail & design) and at the end of it all if you don’t have that feeling of Value for all that you have spent on your home, or self; You will not be satisfied.

The answer is to not cut corners, not buy inferior accessories, or hire the person designing your home, who is not one of the best. You only “get what you pay for” in the long run. If you lean toward trendiness, you will be doing it all over again in a very short time. If you can afford to keep up with the trends, you are on a treadmill which never ends. Quality always wins out! So to really get “value for money”, you need to know that what you are buying is top quality, that the builder is the best, that your dealership will look after your expensive car; that your custom furniture maker really knows his stuff, and will stand by his product; & that the designers you hire are really exceptional, That’s “value for money”. Difficult choices to make in today`s economy.

Buying a lamp seems like a very simple thing to do….deciding on the decor for a whole home (large or small) becomes a quite different challenge. Not many people can visualize a fully furnished home; that is what you employ your designer to help you with. Accessories can be a challenge too, do you want something unique, a one of a kind? Or, are you quite happy with a mass produced manufactured accessory at a third of the cost. It depends upon your taste as well as your budget. They both give “value for money” in differing ways, depending upon what your budget really is. Luxury being what it is, or what it can be, is custom quality for a custom price, will last a life time & may even become an heirloom; the mass produced item is lesser quality for your money and will have to be replaced frequently, the value therefore is temporary. Would you rather have a blown glass vase made by an anonymous glass blower somewhere in an Asian country, for example; or would you rather have a Lalique vase, signed by the artist with quality assured?. Just remember that Luxury has a price, and the price is quality assured. Will you settle for anything less? It’s your choice! So why are the Wealthy not shopping, they have always got value for money, because they do get what they pay for.

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After many years in the retail business, I decided to close my physical store; having researched and discovered that the future was in online shopping. I have been in the retail business since the 1980's, in various fields of retail, Art supplies, Framing, Gallery, and Home decor. I am presently engaged in home staging, building of model homes with my husband, and partner. managing the website, and traveling to find new products for our Web store. I visit trade shows regularly to confirm the quality of the products I promote, and customer service is my highest priority, building the same trust level online as with my customers on a personal level at my physical store. Our Web store has been online now for about 6 years, and continues to grow.
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