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luxury products; what are they & why are the wealthy not shopping?

Would you rather have a blown glass vase made by an anonymous glass blower somewhere in an Asian country, for example; or would you rather have a Lalique vase, signed by the artist with quality assured?. Just remember that Luxury has a price, and the price is quality assured. Will you settle for anything less? It’s your choice! So why are the Wealthy not shopping, they have always got value for money, because they do get what they pay for. Continue reading

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What’s Old is New Again, home decor accessories,

So, if change is good, Is Brass really on the come back trail? How about those Fibre glass chairs, Vinyl covered couches and so on; what about Grass cloth? Another hot trend? Continue reading

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to show off the finished decor with all accessories in place. I was really touched. What this amounts to is this; it doesn’t take much effort to give really good customer service, to give the customer that comfortable feeling that someone really cares about them. How hard is it really? “Communication” that’s the key! This customer who lives on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, probably doesn’t have the time to go shopping store to store, or doesn’t want to; knows now that someone out there online cares about him and his decor choices; and, he will probably be back when he needs other home accessories in the future. He may also recommend our site to friends and family members. It was very unfortunate that he was back ordered, but by keeping lines of communication open with him, and explaining the situation, we didn’t lose that customer, and we kept him happy. There was a gift from me enclosed with his lamp as a small gesture of appreciation, these small things help to keep your customers loyal…customer service is appreciated you bet it is!

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through centuries of exploration these tools, were all they possessed to navigate the world; guided only by compass, astrolabes, and the stars of the night sky, terrifying and exciting. Discover and enjoy an unbelievable collection from past eras. The Just for Men accents & accessories. Continue reading

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The Versatile trunk tables, ideal as coffee table or side tables, combining storage with functionality; the advantage of being great storage units as well as a useful piece of furniture. The vintage trunks are in high demand by collectors, and very high priced at antique auctions. These reproductions are just as beautiful and well made as the original 1920′s versions, these can become your future heirlooms for generations to come. Continue reading

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