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What’s Old is New Again, home decor accessories,

So, if change is good, Is Brass really on the come back trail? How about those Fibre glass chairs, Vinyl covered couches and so on; what about Grass cloth? Another hot trend? Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season, Home Accessories, & Gift Giving;

Botanical models used for instructing students, not to mention some great furnishings & accessories for the guy in your life, and much much more. I couldn’t help but share this site, and these great finds. Michelangelo had several models created of the St Peters dome during the time he worked on it. These models are now a main attraction at the Vatican Museum. Many architects of renown collected models, not only for their exquisite workmanship, also for their value as decor in home & business. Continue reading

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My title says it all! How many times a day are we bombarded with this type of mass marketing? Whether on the TV; newspapers, magazines, flyers in the mailbox, Shop in cities ; such as Shop in Calgary, or Shop … Continue reading

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Travel Accessories in the 21st Century!

Well, yes I did say “travel” and also “in the 21st Century.” Travel, as we know it, can be very confusing, irritating, tiring, and a downright hostile experience! If you have traveled recently you will have experienced, the stress of … Continue reading

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